Thursday, July 15, 2010

OK, ill SO pround of this turned out WAY cute! you cant see the details too much. i sewed long the edges and "stickled" the butterfly swerlys. i used some if my random paper and i think they turned out pretty nicely. :)

my cute rachel has a purple too too that she always wears...i found a lay our JUST like this only they used pink instead of if course of scraplifted this right away! i LOVED how this turned out! rachel of course had to make her self a little paper self too. she is always scraping with me. she has a spot in my craft room and her own box of stuff. she is only 5..martha stwert watch out!

baby train layout for baby penny born on july 14, 7 lbs 3 oz 20 inch!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I to this idea from i have fun making it. it was super easy.

i did this for a baby scrapbook for my sister in law but i just stuck a pic in it to show what it would look like. The stems are made of flower wire wraped in string with dubble sided tape at both ends and then curled to give it that fun effect. The butter fly swurlys were stamped white but it dident turn out very well so i "stickled" it with a white purl and free handed most of it cause i get carried away. hope it looks ok, let me know if i need to add anything else. oh and yes..its scraplifted!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This is where the magic all happens! and where the kittens play. We don't have a finished basement but i still LOVE my craft room!

The #1 blogg i scraplift from !!!

more scraplifting!

sarah helped me with this one...she's at work and on line ALL i get to bug her... and thanks to my wonderful neighbor i got to finish this page with the the fun stamps..."boys and their TOYS!"

Hope these colors match. easy layout, but way fun to do

this one isent that great...but to me its WONDERFUL! because its the frist time i sewed on a page! and it started a wonderful beging for me!

apperantly i lost the "i" when i took this pic..but
don't worry...i found it

Not sure this one is scraplifted..i think everyone does one of these eventualy...i did 2

Not sure i like this pic on this Layout, but hear it is

This one was a baby shower gift. I like to put names on things. I never had a box with my name on it growing up and so now i strive to give everyone one there own. How often do you seen a box with your name on it? i mean really? so now Olive will have her own... if she ever come out of her moms tummy.

This one i really enjoyed making! its all card stock paper and then cut out using my Cricut and mickey cartridge. I the strips i just hand piced them and then layerd them randomly on the page. i think it turend out great! and yes...the C is missing. too lazy to go cut another one out..but i will...someday

This one i scraplifted off of the from some one. not sure who. im making another one for another scrapbook im doing for darling Penny, It will be purple insteady of green

And the other one i made. I cut the names out with my handy dandy Cricut!

This is a Hair bow holder i made (not a book mark (sarah)) that i made...saw the idea at Roberts. LOVED the idea!


We all do it... Scraplift..well im the Queen of scraplifting! And this is my blogg. i don't spell the best, and my gramer is not the best. but im not the queen of that. im the Queen of scraplifgint! If i can ill post where i have scraplifted my pages from and if not sorry. But this blog will be only about scrapbooking and scraplifting! hope you enjoy!